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Monthly Events & Activities Calendar

WKids Monthly Activity Calendar

Mar 12

Use one of these final snow days to make some healthy soups or other dishes that freeze well. If you have healthy food pre-made, you’ll be much more likely to eat it.

Mar 15

Encourage healthy eating in your household by always having some whole food snack options in plain sight (i.e. a bowl full of fruit on the counter; sliced veggies front and center in the refrigerator...etc.)—we are more likely to eat healthy foods if they're right in front of us.

Mar 17

many people will be wearing green in honor of St. Patrick's day, and it's a good reminder to eat some extra greens! Dark, leafy greens are one the best foods we can eat, so be sure to pile them on your plate every day of the week!

Mar 20

Celebrate the first day of spring by starting a garden. If you don't have backyard space, experiment with some herbs you can grow right on your windowsill—this will help you feel more connected to your food as well as provide an opportunity to connect with your kids and the earth.

Mar 25

Make a date to cook dinner with your child. Let them help you decide what to make and do as much of the preparing/cooking with you as possible. Then sit down and enjoy the meal together!